Twenty Bucks!

Back in the nineties there was a movie made that followed a $20 bill around. It began When a gust of wind took it from a man who had just visited the ATM. You can already see the age on the movie in that a person went to the ATM and only got $20! The bill then had several adventures as it passed through te hands of various people over the course of the film. Appropriately enough, the title of the movie was 20 Bucks.

Today that same bill doesn’t get you as much. I was passing through the airport in Honolulu yesterday and went to buy some lunch with my wife. As I perused the offerings at the Burger King I found that a Whopper combo meal was $17.99. The Impossible Whopper meal was $19.99. Tack on the tax and you’re gonna need more than a twenty to cover the damage!

My recovery used to require a certain amount of work. There were things that I could do and things that I could avoid in order to maintain sobriety. Just like the prices at the airport, life has changed. What used to work then is different today. As I’ve changed my “nouns” (the people, places, and things that I do) I’ve changed my life and circumstances. Even though I used to know what was happening in my recovery back then, I need to keep up with what’s going on now. Maintaining my recovery requires awareness and work. But when I do that, I am sure to…

-Rise Up!!

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