Trick or Treat

It’s Halloween morning. I’m sure lots of you are excited for costumes and candy tonight. If you’re anything like me you might not even know what you will be yet! I’ll find out when my daughter gives me a costume later on tonight.

That’s the Halloween side of things. It’s the “trick”. Trying to out on a mask or a costume in order to “be” something or someone is a temporary thing. It’s a trick for you and for the world.

Recovery is my “treat”. In my recovery I know exactly who and what I am. I am not my addiction. I am not my past behavior. I am not the worst moments and choices of my life. I am a grateful Christian believer who celebrates recovery over my addictions!

Dressing up can be fun. Candy can be awesome. But don’t let the world or anyone in it make you think that the person behind the mask isn’t better than the one on the outside! Have fun tonight as someone else, but love your fun as yourself in the morning when you…

—Rise Up!!

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