Lucky 7

I took a drive out to California City today to see a friend take a position as Sr pastor at his church. As we drove back home I came to a stop at a highway junction and noticed smoke coming from the hood of my car. Smoke is a great thing to see, right? Oh wait, it’s not a good thing. I popped the hood and noticed oil of some ilk all over the engine compartment. I made two quick phone calls: one was to AAA, the other was to my friend Matt. I was excited to hear that I had the “Classic” membership. Well, excited until I heard that only got me 7 miles of towing. My membership with Matt was the Ultra-Platinum membership. Matt waited with us for the tow truck, then took us home from the “safe location” where my 7 miles ended, then helped me tow the “Jesus Chrysler” to the garage.

Forever Family is always there for you. Sometimes you pay for things and they let you down, but Forever Family is the best! Thanks Matt for dragging me around and helping me to…

–Rise Up!!

3 thoughts on “Lucky 7

  1. I am enjoying your blog!!!!

    Family friends are the best
    Glad Matt was there for you.

    Thanks for sharing !
    God bless


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