Bumper Stickers

I was driving down the road the other day and say a car with a bumper sticker. I love to read what people feel is important enough to boldly emblazon on their automobiles. A new car costs 10’s of thousands of dollars. Even a truck can cost over 50K yet people are always looking for a sticker to make it perfect. The sticker that caught my eye this week didn’t tell me what team they supported. It gave no indications about their favorite cause. I had no idea if their child was on some homogenous honor roll that we won’t read at some school we won’t visit. I knew none of this standard info from their bumper sticker. All they wan’t to tell me was what they weren’t. “Not a ________” it read. I often find that when people can’t find a good reason to support their own beliefs they tear down the beliefs of someone else instead. It’s the old “Get Better By Making Them Worse” theory.

When people see me I want them to know what I stand for. Hate is easy. Love takes an effort. So take a little time this week to let people know who you are. I’m a grateful Christian believer who came into recovery for pornography and now struggles with what people think of me, in recovery circles we call this co-dependency, and my name is Paul. Thanks for listening, now go and…

–Rise Up!!

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