I took a trip to Nashville this weekend. We are headed out to #CelebrateRecoverySummitEast to help out as volunteers. Our daughter and two of our grandsons went with us so that they could visit family. At one point most of the Tennessee branch of the family was all at my sister in law’s house. There must have been almost 25 to 30 people here. It felt like the whole family was gathered together. But we weren’t… Family goes far beyond blood. Because my oldest niece is just two months younger than me I have not always been “Uncle Paul”. We still joke that I’m her “favorite uncle, named Paul”. But being here and seeing my family meant that I would miss out on watching my “sister” PH preach in Lone Pine. As you probably know by now, my Forever Family is just as important as my blood family. Tomorrow as we head over to ECS we will be joined with even more of our #ForeverFamily. It will be amazing to come together with so many strangers that I will instantly love. God does amazing things, but to me, love is just about the best thing that He does. How often have I felt unloved? How often have I felt unlovable? I bet you’ve felt that way too one time or another. Know that just because someone doesn’t love you today doesn’t mean that they won’t love you in the future. The sister I just mentioned was that way. And the reverse can hold true as well. I have lots of folks who fall into the “Used to Love Me” category. Nothing is forever and not much is certain, but I do know this: Jesus will love me no matter where and no matter what. All I need to do is fall into His arms and…

–Rise Up!!

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