It’s World Cup time right now. Several countries from around the planet got their acts together and qualified. Sadly, the good ol’ USA did not. This would have been a great year to go too, because many of the powerhouse nations are doing poorly. Since my home country is not represented I needed to find a country to hitch my wagon to. I’ve chosen Iceland. Iceland is everything that your MoM loves. They are the smallest nation (by population) to every qualify for the World Cup. One of the things I noticed when I first watched them play back in the 2016 Euros was the “Thunderclap.” Picture a stadium filled with Vikings. Arms are raised and stretched at 30° angles. Two beats of a drum then tens of thousands of rabid fans simultaneously grunt “oof” and clap their hands overhead. Thunderclap. Awesome! So I’m onboard with Iceland this Cup.

So why am I bothering you with all of this? Like I said, Iceland has done their best to embody the philosophy of the Minister of Mocha. This little island nation who is blanketed in dark for a huge portion of the year is the little engine that could. They advanced farther than most people though possible in 2016. They have found ways to play indoor games so they can practice during the long, dark winters. They believe that they can do it. And did I mention Thunderclap?!?

So join me this fortnight and watch some football. Revel in the Beautiful Game. Enjoy the Thunderclaps. Maybe even cheer for Iceland. And…

–Rise Up!!!

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