I shared my testimony this week at CR. Testimony Night is always a good night. The things that you hear might not always be what you expected to hear, but they always seem to touch your soul. As a speaker the same concept holds true, just with a bit of a twist.

As I’ve shared over the last 16 years I tend to have an audience in mind. I have some idea of the people who will be listening and I sort of aim at that listener group. I don’t change the words, there’s just a change in my mind about who will be listening that night. When I first shared in 2002 I was a bit terrified to bare my soul at church. In my mind I was basically talking to my wife and myself. I found out that others were listening too. Each time I share I have bits and piece that I think will resonate and I’m often amazed to find out that when someone hears it a different part speaks to them.

This Friday was no different. As I was leading worship I saw the door open and a different face walked in. It was not one that I expected, but it made me smile so much. I approached this person after we were through and asked “What are you doing here?” The simple answer “I came to support you.” Wow. Here I am, the Minister Of Mocha, Mr. Cheer You Up Guy, the one would likes to encourage, and guess what she did? She made me

–Rise Up!!

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