New Year

As we closed out 2017 and headed into 2018 Celebrate Recovery had a fantastic New Year’s Eve. I got to church at 6:20am to prepare for a full day. We left long enough to have a brief lunch and to change clothes, but otherwise stayed until 12:30 in the morning after our New Year’s Eve Bash. So besides a sore throat from a night of singing and karaoke, what did I get out of the day? A ton!

It’s not always easy being a Ministry Leader when you have the backstory that I have. As much as some people might love me (and they do) that doesn’t guarantee that everyone is ready to accept who I am now. Unfortunately, as long as I am the “face” for our local CR, problems will arise. I start with all of that because yesterday was CR Sunday and I really did very little other than smile like a proud Papa. Worship was lead by our CR Worship Director. Our Encourager Coach and her husband shared a couple’s testimony. Our Training Coach’s shared their couple’s testimony as well. The Assimilation Coach shared a beautiful message. And I sat in the audience and smiled. “Control Freak” is a term that has been used on me in the past, and not without cause. For the first three years of our CR I have played most of the roles at some time. It was a real stretch for me to give up the singing, and the leading, and the teaching, especially on this, our shining moment in front of the whole church. Here’s a secret, I didn’t really want to do it at first. I mean, this has been my baby! But we have children to teach them to grow. I know that in order to do the things that God has for me outside of Ridgecrest, I need to have a healthy group inside of Ridgecrest, and a group that relies on me for success will fail. Yesterday I had to rise up, and as I did so did our CR. Over 200 people heard the message of Celebrate Recovery in the morning services and then over 100 more came to the CR NYE Bash. That’s more than 300 in one day!

So for now I am super happy, super proud, and super excited. After 18 hours I’m also super tired, so I’m going to lie down, but very soon I will…

–Rise Up!!

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