I guess it’s a sign of the times or maybe just proof that I’m not really that old after all, but I frequently find myself thinking in emjois. This weekend was a busy one as we took in a hockey game and a concert on consecutive days. Living out in the sticks as we do that necessarily means several hundred miles in the car. My wife always rides shotgun and I am always the driver. As such, she often helps me when I “need” to use my phone. So there I am driving to see my beloved Kings and I found the need to send a text message. Texts are great, but sometimes they leave meaning or tone up in the air so I like to put emjois in to give some emotional context.

As hard as it is for me to give up using my phone when I drive, trying to dictate exactly which emoji to add is tough. I have my own little names for them and you can actually find “official” names, but I usually try to act it out as I drive. I am so attached to them that I can actually see them in my mind as I develop the words.

Now you might be thinking “Alright MoM, cool story, but what on earth does that have to do with recovery?” That’s fair, so here it is: People don’t always know what I’m thinking. Even when I think my reasons are as obvious as the nose on my face, everyone comes in to a conversation with their own history. Our history will have an impact on our thoughts and will tend to direct the way we process the information coming in. My words seem so plain to me, but others may interpret them differently based on what is going on in their own world at the time. That little 😘 (face blowing a kiss) is my way of letting people know that there is no sarcasm or snark included with my words. If I can do this with a text, shouldn’t I also do it with my own face? Probably! My expressions and body language give away my feelings. I’m in Celebrate Recovery. My face needs to show that I am celebrating.

–Rise Up!!

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