Two Steps Forward…

Life…am I right?!?

So often I feel like life is a continuous diet of two steps forward, one step back. That can be so frustrating. But it’s still forward progress. If you watch football at all you are probably familiar with the concept of forward progress. It’s where they place the ball at the most forward point that the runner reached. This is to make it so that the defender doesn’t pick a person up and carry them backward. That would be cheating.

Here’s a secret…the enemy is a cheater! He tries to pick me up and throw me backward all the time. But MY God is a great referee and he spots the ball at my forward progress. First Down!

So as this holiday season wears on and wears in keep in mind that you are probably making forward progress. Every backward step is in preparation for two steps forward. Take heart, we are all doing this together. We will reach the goal because we will…

–Rise Up!!

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