I guess a post about costumes may seem about 6 weeks late to some of you, but bear with me. Last night I was FaceTiming with my grandson Luc. When his dad answered he let me know that Luc wanted to “surprise” me with his Hulk costume. Grammy and I gave the required shocked response and things were good. A bit later we noticed that Hulk Luc had disappeared. He was soon replaced by Captain America Luc. Then later the same events were repeated with the final result being Cat Boy Luc.

Every outfit he put on to try and disguise himself looked different, but the essence of who was inside remained. It was always Luc.

When we introduce ourselves at Celebrate Recovery we always start with a phrase like “I am a grateful Christian believer…”. I have put on a lot of costumes over the years. I’ve been teacher. I’ve been husband. I’ve been inmate. All of those looked different from the outside, but I was always a grateful Christian believer underneath it all. People love labels. Check under the tree and you’ll probably find a bunch of them. The label doesn’t define the thing though. The way I see it, if a label is needed it probably means that someone probably wants to define something in a way that is either not obvious or often in a way that is misleading. If you need my label, I’ll settle for Grateful Christian Believer. And before I wrap up, i will

–Rise Up!!IMG_0487

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