I spent four days being blown away and refreshed at the Celebrate Recovery Summit last week. It was amazing, and I am better today than I was last week before we left. I love pretty much everything about Summit. I love meeting new folks from near and far. I made friends with people from Kenya (Kenya dig it?!?) and Holland. I worshiped with strangers on the beach. I heard powerful lessons from talented speakers. I heard testimonies that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my soul. I heard the constant message of hope and change. Yeah, Summit is fantastic, but there is one thing I would change: the name.

When I think of a summit I think of the top. It doesn’t get any higher. But I don’t want last week to be the pinnacle. I want to go beyond the high of where I was. Sure, it was amazing to worship with 5000 members of my Forever Family in full throat, but this Friday in my decidedly smaller local meeting I want to have that same love flowing. This year I am making it my mission to reach beyond the Summit. Join with me and spread some love and hope in your local CR this week. Send us a comment to share what you did to make this week even better. Help us all to…

–Rise Up!!

One thought on “Summit

  1. I experienced the Summit for the first time. God’s grace is sufficient and with it we will reach another 5000. I was blessed to worship in a deeper way then I have yet to experience. I’m excited to make a difference with my forever family in our community and surrounding communities. If we rise up…. another will rise up too.

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