It wasn’t me (this time)

This has been a hectic week. And it's only Monday! Sometimes life just treats you that way. I was held accountable for things that I didn't really do earlier this week and it made people upset. I knew that they were upset, but didn't know why. After a few days of uncomfortable and awkward space I finally asked what was up. It turns out that the person was upset, and because I was in close proximity, I got the brunt of their disgruntlement. Is that fair? No. Is that the way it goes sometimes? Yes!

So what do we do when this happens. Well, I have to realize that a lot of times my previous behaviors will leave an impression with people and that can carry over even though now I am living life as a different person. Just because I am in recovery, does not mean that everybody else is. It also does not mean that everybody will forget everything that I ever did before. So, we take the good with the bad and we…

–Rise Up!!

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