It’s been an eventful week for the family. Left Ridgecrest after church on Sunday and headed out on the highway for another family road trip. This one was a little different than the last one. We didn’t have that crazy U-Haul following us around so we felt a bit better about just enjoying our ride. We also took a bit of a southern detour in order to visit some friends and family. But all of that wasn’t the main reason for taking I10 East through Texas. We were given the opportunity to share our testimony with a part of our Forever Family in San Marcos, TX. 

Of all the things we do in Celebrate Recovery there is nothing better than testimony. Over the past few weeks Bev and I had carefully written our couple’s testimony. It was one thing to share this testimony at our home CR, in front of the people who know and love us, but sharing in front of a whole new group can be a bit intimidating. 

Even though we had to drive hundreds of miles. Even though we had to fight traffic. Even though we (let’s be honest, I) got a bit confused by the “turnarounds” on the roads in Texas, everything faded to a distant memory as we took to the stage and shared our story. I said that nothing is better than testimonies, and I meant that. Honestly, where else can you get up in front of a room full of strangers and have them clap as you reveal the worst things you’ve ever done? I slowly unfolded my story and the people just loved and listened. It was a wonderful. 

As always…thanks for listening and…

-Rise Up!!!

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