I was given some tickets to a show this past weekend. It looked pretty fun – the “Hair Nation Festival”. If you know me, you know my 80’s mullet still lives in my heart! I was pretty stoked to get to go. When I scanned the line-up I saw several bands that I had never seen back in the glory days, some that I had, then some that I had no real interest in. It’s tough not to create an expectation…

Then it came down to show day. It was a bright and sunny afternoon in So Cal. Irvine Meadows Ampitheater is in its final season. That grand lady has served me well over the years, supplying a venue for memories dating back to the 80’s. Nostalgia flooded in as I passed through the gates for what looks to be my final visit there; then more as I took the long walk from the gates to the arena. Excitement and anticipation continued to build with each step.

Many acts strutted out on the stage and gave us their best. For some, it was as good as ever. For others it was a bit of an embarrassing call back to better times. Age has treated some of us well. Others are showing the effects of too much partying through the years. I cheered for some and found myself taking a walk during others. It was definitely a mixed bag.

At the end of the night I was entertained and exhausted. My expectations had been exceeded by a few, and then there were those who were not up to snuff. Expectations are often like that. I try not to let things build up too much in my head.  In life and recovery, it can be easy to let those expectations run wild only to end up in eventual disappointment. I guess it’s best to keep an even keel, throw a fist in the air, and celebrate the now. Rock on and…

-Rise up!!

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