Ring of Truth

Sooooo….I took a trip to Utah this weekend to cry, I mean to participate in my youngest daughter’s wedding. Weddings are one of those things that people tend to dream about for years. When I showed up on Thursday for the rehearsal it was amazing. She and her fiance had found a beautiful outdoor location next to a waterfall fed pond with a lovely lawn. It was perfect. Dad even made it through the practice with a minimal amount of tears. Then Friday arrived, and so did the rain…

No really, it rained (with hail) before, during, and after the ceremony!

So we had some set-backs. There were three separate functions on wedding day and all of them were miles apart. Because of the weather there were timing issues. When I arrived at the ring ceremony I discovered that we were missing a power cord for the PA. My daughter said we needed sound so I made a trip through a windy canyon in the rain in search of an electronics store. Since there was no phone service in the canyon I was on my own once I left the grounds. At some point they made the decision to use a car stereo for the processionals. Fighting the protests of her step-father, my daughter refused to begin without me. Literally as soon as they saw my car drive into the parking lot they started the marching. I ran up with the now unnecessary power cord, got in line, caught my breath, and focused.

So my daughter limited my responsibilities on wedding day because I am a well known crier. The weather now turned out to be perfect: who can see the tears through the rain?!?

The fact of the matter was that we were there to celebrate their love, and love isn’t always perfect. Life doesn’t always match our well laid-out plans and dreams. Some days have sun and some days bring us rain. But we persevere. We carry on. We move forward. The only thing that mattered on Friday was that they ended the day with names on paper, the rest was window dressing.

So now I have a new, fantastic son-in-law that I love very much. My baby girl has a new last name. And Daddy danced once again (through tears) with Cinderella. Life is good.

-Rise Up!!!

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