Dancing with Cinderella…

That’s gonna be me this Friday. My youngest is getting married and for the last time, I’ll be the slightly out of shape guy crying…err, dancing with the bride.

I’ve done it before, but this one may be the hardest yet. I’m sentimental and it’ll have the whole “Last Daughter to Get Married” thing happening. But more than that, this is a wedding that I didn’t even know if I’d get to be a part of. When I went to jail 15 years ago she was just a third grade girl who had always lived at her Dad’s house with her her blended family. Other than weekends and a few weeks in the summer at her Mom’s, she really didn’t know anything different. And she was always Daddy’s Girl. Then one day she was whisked away to a city three hours from home as her Dad was whisked away to jail. Kind of a relationship killer, don’t you think?

It has taken a lot of time and heartache to let the healing process do its thing, but a few weeks ago she asked if I would walk her down the aisle with her step dad. Wow, waterworks!

Healing is awesome! Only by working my own recovery and getting myself in a better place was I able to begin to focus on the other things in life.

If you’ve fallen, don’t stay down. It will probably take some time. Maybe years and years, but things can and do get better.

-Rise Up!

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