So, many of you have probably noticed that I published late this week. It’s due to us getting new carpet in the offices at RCA Church so I’ve been busy moving furniture and stuff. So now I’m listening to the installer scraping the floor to prep of the carpet and typing in a an office crammed with all of the displaced furniture.

I may have also spent some time tagging the concrete with various sports themed messages…I love to do that so in a few decades when someone else comes to do work they will get a smile. Just put my stuff on the floor and cover it with carpet.

I got to thinking about my recovery. It can be easy to try to sweep my past under the carpet. No one will notice, right? Sure, until they come and do some renovations. The renovations in my life tend to expose what I did in the past for a laugh and thought no one else would know. It’s much better to deal with the issues of “ago” and build on a clean, stable foundation.

So here’s to new carpet, here’s to fresh starts, and here’s to you!

-Rise Up!!

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