Snot and Tears

This time of year is often associated with ribbons and bows. There’s gifts under trees and lights on them. People even appear at work festooned with garland, tinsel, and other festive decorations.

Then there’s the flip side – the snot and tears. I’m not just referring to the bratty kids (and adults) who don’t get the toy they wanted and pitch a fit. There is definitely a portion of the world who does that, but I’m talking about the heartbreak of the holidays for a lot of people.

Just yesterday I talked to a friend who dropped a loved one off at the airport for the holidays and they reported that “there were lots of tears and snot”. This same afflictions overwhelms me every time I leave a family member at an airport terminal; they now know that Dad has leaky eyes. Airport adieus aside though, most of us will have empty chairs at our tables this Christmas. Those who have left; those who couldn’t make it;  those we have lost…it all makes for a recipe of snot and tears.

Yet in these times of despair I try to remind myself that Jesus came to give me hope! No one needs saving who isn’t already in peril. I find healing when I lean on my Higher Power (Jesus Christ) and when I lean on my Forever Family. So when the water seems to be rising, breathe deep. Call a friend. Think on better days to come. Grab a tissue and dry the tears, because we know that He has wonderful things planned for us!


-Rise Up!

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