Different Number

So here we are with a fancy new number at the end of all our dates. All of the pretty Christmas decorations are coming down like autumn leaves. The temperature keeps dropping. And everyone keeps acting like the entire world is different and new. As if NOW, because of an arbitrary date on the calendar, anything at all is possible.

I suppose the thought behind this thinking is that it’s a “new year” and we start with a clean slate. That’s all very cute, but just last night I was online paying my bills and I noticed a distinct lack of “new” on them. Same old stuff, just like way back in 2015! My mortgage picked up right where I left it. The student loans are still due. Heck, the gas and electric company even charged me for services rendered before Jan 1. What is happening to my clean slate?!?

Here’s what happened to it: I’m looking in the wrong place and at the wrong slate. If I use the world’s lens and eat off their dinnerware I will find a messy plate every time. But when I turn my attention to my Higher Power I find that Jesus has set me a clean spot at the table for every meal.

My opportunity to start anew doesn’t mean that I can escape the natural consequences of my actions. Just because I have been forgiven by Jesus doesn’t equate to a free pass from society. So I’ll keep paying that mortgage; I’ll keep not going to the job that I don’t have; and I’ll keep thanking Jesus for my new beginning every morning!


-Rise Up!

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