This time of year has a lot of people thinking on a grand scale. We put up outrageous Christmas displays. We make decadent goodies. We create lavish lists of gifts to get and give. Christmas can be hectic. I am not excluding myself from this group of over-doers. I fall into the same traps. The same thing happens every year, and then someone or something comes along and reminds me that little, simple things can be wonderful. The girls that I work with in the office are the culprits this year.

Let me back-track a little bit. Last night was the annual cookie exchange at RCA Church. If you aren’t familiar with the event, it is EXTREMELY exclusive and sexist, no boys allowed (and we are the ones who really want the yummy cookies!). So I spent last week trying to make good with as many event attenders as I could, in the hopes of scoring some swag. Today I walked into the office and to my dismay I was not greeted with a mountain of cookies. Hopes dashed!

What I did find was much better. Ari (the Office Ninja) had not participated in the exchange so she did not have cookies (although I know I you would have participated you’d take care of your pal Paully!😜🍪), but she did make a tray of crazy good Gold Bars for the staff to share. Awesome! Then I make the corner into my little closet “office” and I find two fabulous gag gifts from Pastor Heather: a pen version of the Magic 8 Ball, and a battery operated noise maker complete with every noise you can imagine from old school cartoons. These are the people that I spend the most time with and they know me so well.

The simple things do matter, thanks for that reminder girls!


-Rise Up!

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