Cyber Monday

Boy oh boy, the shopping season has definitely hit us. Just this weekend I was at a hockey game and they had a FANTASTIC deal on all of their sweaters (that’s a jersey for you football and baseball fans). Now here it is “Cyber Monday” and my inbox is crammed with offers on goods from domain names, to coffee, to everything on earth that Amazon sells. I am taking advantage of none of these deals, however. Tomorrow is pay day in our house, so no matter how ridiculous the deals are, we’ll end the day with the same stuff we had when it started.

Here’s what I do have though: a faith, higher power, and recovery that requires no “Special Deals” or “Act Nows”; I’m good to go where ever and when ever I need to! Sometimes it can feel like the opportunities that come along will never be there again, but don’t give in to the marketing. Those chances of a lifetime will be back in a few weeks for the after Christmas sale. There’s no need to cash in all of my chips just because I see the shiny new thing on TV or in my in-box.

That’s it, short and sweet this week…Count your blessings and thrive.

And if you must cyber shop, I’d really like a Tyler Tofolli #73 Kings Sweater, XL.

-Rise up!

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