Stacking Blocks

It’s that time of year when everyone turns their eyes toward thankfulness. Why not? I mean, if we only have to do it this one time, or maybe a couple of times for this week in November, that’s not so hard. We can just fake it ’til we make it, then go back to complaining for the rest of the year, right?!?

I watched a video of my youngest grandson yesterday. He’s just a little over 1 year old. He was VERY focused on stacking some blocks. Once he got two stacked up he happily bent over and grabbed the top block in his teeth then looked over at the camera, proud as a peacock! He has no idea what the calendar is, much less what time of year it is; he simply loves being alive. This is gratitude!

I am so thankful for so many things in my life. My family is wonderful. I have a wife who adores me. I have the best in-laws in the world. I have friends who are fantastic. The people I work with are beyond incredible. All of this and more is true. But sometimes I forget. I need to keep my eyes on Luc and remember that sometimes stacking blocks is enough!

-Rise Up

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