So this week is a week of excitement in my family. I’ll be headed to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to take my youngest girl for an interview at Wake Forest University. She is hoping to enroll in a Physician’s Assistant program this fall and we have been planning for an interview at another school in February. This latest invite was completely unexpected and last minute. However, we are thrilled for the opportunity and are doing everything we can to make it come to fruition.

My recovery is often the same thing: unexpected and last minute. The invitation to a life of “sanity” was never something that I thought that I could achieve or attain. I saw the walls of my depths as too much to overcome. Yet Jesus extended that invitation to me. And I accepted. I learned that life does not have to be a situation where fear and sadness cloud out all joy and hope.

Life is not always easy. We all know this. My trip to NC will not be easy. But the ability to assist my girl makes all of my suffering worthwhile. Jesus did a cost analysis in the Garden and decided that my well-being was sufficient to outweigh the burden that it put upon him. Thank you Jesus!

I can’t say what invitations await you. I can’t even say what invitations await me. But I do know that Jesus has an outstretched hand just for you. I urge you to take it and climb out of the muck. Greatness awaits!


-Rise Up!

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