Something Nice

Listening to the radio this morning I discovered that today, June 1, is Say Something Nice Day. Wow! A whole day to say something nice. I suppose that means we are all off the hook for the rest of the year then, right?!?

I enjoy these little “Days” to focus on things. Honest, when I was teaching in public schools I had a book that told me what day it was each day so we could recognize it as a class. But all too often we are given days like this to raise awareness about something. It stands to reason that if awareness needs to be raised, a good portion of society is ignoring that special something. How sad to think that we need to be reminded to say something nice!

I had a long, and I do mean L-O-N-G conversation with my mother on Saturday about the difference and similarities of saying the truth and saying nice things. It is easy to get sucked into negative conversation. Just saying “well,, it’s the truth” or worse yet “just kidding” doesn’t cut it for me.

So there! I’ve used my soap box time up. Let me end by saying, for the record, how lovely you all look, and thanks for reading this blog!

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