Lawrence Welk

So it’s Memorial Day weekend here in the beautiful U.S. of A. And I’ve been spending the whole thing with my Mom. Early Friday morning she fell and broke her hip so we’ve been hanging out in a hospital room watching Lawrence Welk on the TV. A hospital stay is a lot like being in recovery Thursday she was cruising along (I was going to say minding her own business, but everyone who knows my Mom knows THAT would be a lie!) with no real issues. Then BAM! An early morning trip to the bathroom left her lying on the floor waiting for me and the ambulance to arrive. Sometimes we are progressing in our recovery and feel like there is nothing to worry about. When we lose focus, we lose our balance, and we lose. 

The neat thing is that Jesus is always on my speed dial! Every time I fall, he’s right there to pick me up. When Baba fell she called me first and I showed up. That’s like our Sponsors and Accountability Partners, and our Forever Family. But what she really needed was an ambulance and some doctors, that’s the Jesus portion. When we fall in our recovery we need to lean on everyone, and not leave anyone out. We need to use our phones and call those people who care about us. We need to find a way to get on our knees even if we’ve fallen flat on our faces! Falling off our wagon, whatever our hurt, habit, or hang-up is, doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world; it just means that we have a lot of rehab work to do.

Keep your mind in the game. Keep focusing on getting and staying better. But remember, if you fall, someone will always be there to watch Lawrence Welk with you!
Rise Up!

One thought on “Lawrence Welk

  1. Thank you for this reminder. It is good to keep our forever family phone list at the ready…every day because I know I can go from great–to OK–to not so great–to horrible in a moment. You are an inspiration to me.

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