It’s 2022. It’s Starbucks. We have WiFi. This should not be “blog worthy”, but sadly, for me it is. I know, First World Problems, right?!?

The thing is, I’ve gotten trained to expect things like free WiFi at public places, so when it’s not there, I get all twisted! My “office” is at our newest Starbucks and since it has opened the internet service has been spotty at best. For the last two or three months I have just used my phone as a hot spot. Then today I came in and began top get all set up. I plugged my laptop in to the electric outlet. I took my iPad and ear buds out of my backpack. I ordered my morning cuppa. Monday morning was becoming a fully operational battle station.

[Cue the email noise]

That was weird. I haven’t connected to the hot spot yet, why am I getting email? Sure enough, the store has resolved the WiFi issues. Oh Happy Day (you’re welcome Faith P!).

Celebrating little things is how we do the monotony of day to day recovery. Every moment isn’t the best nor is it the worst. There can only be one of each of those. The rest is the cream filling in the Oreo. They’re the peanut butter and jelly between the bread. The rest make up the vast majority of each day. But without the rest it’s just two chocolate cookies that a lot of people just throw away. Without the rest you have bread, but no sandwich. The joy lives in the rest. So today I will enjoy the WiFi. I’ll find my little office in the corner at Starbucks where I get to sit down to…

–Rise Up!!

Starbucks giving me the Good Stuff!

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