Keep Going

This weekend I did something I had done 12 times before: I went to see Sammy Hagar in concert. He was my first big arena concert back in the 80’s and has been my favorite singer for decades. “Wait a minute”, you may be thinking. I know, this is still a recovery blog. Indulge me for a bit and you’ll see where I’m headed…

I went to the show with my childhood friend Donny. He too has been a big Red Rocker fan. It was our 6th show together. As we headed from our hotel (Donny is too old for the Rock and Roll lifestyle and driving home in the wee hours of the morning!) to the concert venue we planned ahead to allow time to travel. After plugging in the address we just followed the voice in the computer to the parking area. It was perfect, until it wasn’t.

As we got closer I began to worry that there was no traffic. It turns out that the access road that the GPS found was closed for construction. We were right next to the property, but we had to drive around to get to the other side where the entrance was. It wasn’t a huge place, but the roads leading to where we wanted took us on the scenic route. We were only off by about a quarter of a mile, but we had to drive almost 6 miles to get to the gate!

Even though we did everything we were told to do by a very trusted source, we still ran into problems. However, we didn’t let the trouble stop our progress. We found our way to the right place and then discovered that parking was FREE. I mean, come on, that’s like only one of my favorite prices ever!!!

By the time Sammy hit the stage we were settled in our seats. It was a gorgeous summer evening in So Cal. We had a great time. Recover often doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes even our good plans go awry. All we had to do was re-calibrate in order to…

–Rise Up!!

Sammy Hagar – The Red Rocker

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