Today is my first Monday back after 5 beautiful weeks in Hawaii. That’s not to say that Ridgecrest isn’t beautiful, it’s just not Hawaii beautiful. Today in Ridgecrest just happened to be gorgeous, most spring days are.

My plan today was to take my friend over to a house and bust out a concrete slab for another friend. They were supplying me with a jackhammer, I had a helper, and it was I ly about 2 yards of concrete to bust out. I did the thing you never do: I told my helper that this would be easy. “We’re going to be out of here by 10.” Right now it’s 5pm and I’m in the shower dictating this post to my wife so I can get ready in time for my 6:00 step study. So much for easy!

Everything started out fine but about 10 minutes into the job the jackhammer decided it was time for a break. It became as fickle as a kid in a candy store; it didn’t know what it wanted and it couldn’t decide what to do. This job is a Step 12 “giving back” kind of job. No money is being exchanged, it’s just me trying to give back.

As I worked I remembered I hadn’t written the blog. I kept thinking to myself “You better find a way to rise up”. Eventually with the help of my brand new sledge hammer and pick ax, a helpful visit from my two oldest grandsons, and a whole lot of hard work we got done.

It would have been much easier to walk away. After all, this was not a paying job so I wouldn’t lose out on a paycheck. But that’s not what Step 12 is about and that’s not what recovery’s about. We’re giving back not taking off.

My hands are sore. My feet are sore. I have several blisters that I didn’t have this morning. I’m worn out and exhausted. But boy oh boy, did I ever…

—Rise Up!!

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