Tomorrow is gonna be a tough one. We leave Hawaii after five weeks on the island. Five weeks with our kids. Five weeks with our grandsons (albeit only three with Camden since he’s just 19 days old today!). It’s not going to be easy to board the plane and fly home.

Yet that’s what has to happen tomorrow. Life moves on and we can’t just stay here forever, believe me, I’ve tried to figure out how to make that happen. But I realize that trying to make the impractical become reality is just living in denial. Instead of focusing on the goodbye and what I’m leaving behind, I choose to look at the hellos that follow. I’m going back to other kids. I’m going back to even more grandchildren. I’m going back to people that I miss at home. Plus, I’ll be back here in June.

No, moping for the next 24 hours is silly. I need to keep my mind focused on the promise of the future. Sure, I’ll miss what’s here, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have wonderful things elsewhere. It might take a big plane with a Hawaiian lady painted on the tail, but through tomorrow’s sadness I will…

—Rise Up!!

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