Can You Help?

I got a text this weekend that basically came down to a simple question: can you help me?

It seems such an easy question to ask, but far too often, it becomes one of the most difficult for a lot of us. There’s an admission that I can’t do it on my own. My pride doesn’t really like that so much… it can also feel like admitting failure which also dings my pride. It’s just so difficult to get past the lips…

The flip side is that as reticent as I am to say it, I absolutely love to hear someone say it to me. That feels like a validation of my worth.

This particular request had to do with an area of expertise that I have due to specific training several decades ago (quite literally in the late 1980’s!) I was thrilled to do it and I think it went well.

When you find yourself at the end of a difficult time or task, put down your pride and just ask someone “Can you help?” It will help both of you to…

—Rise Up!!

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