Not Today…

I’m sure you’ve seen the shirts and cups and stickers that say “Not today Satan”. It’s a great reminder that we will get attacked constantly. We never know how it will happen, but inevitably it does.

Today (as on many days) it’s my back. I went to make myself breakfast and boom, out went my back. My plan today, beyond pumpkin spice pancakes, was to patch some holes in the ceiling at my mother’s house after installing new canned lighting. Not today… the idea of reaching above my head on a scaffold is, well, it ain’t happening. Not today.

But just because I can’t do what I originally set out to do doesn’t mean I can’t do anything. If I allow the pains of life to slow me down, I’ll never go anywhere. I think I probably have some time in bed in my future, but even flat on my back, watch me…

—Rise Up!!

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