In the 2003-04 season of the English Premiere League #Arsenal became the first team to go for an entire season without suffering a defeat. To date, they are the only such team to accomplish this feat. This season #Liverpool has been knocking on that #Invincible door. They are on their way to setting a new League record for points in a season and made it through the first 27 games having only drawn two games. Amazingly, they have won the other 25 games. They are, arguably, the best English team to ever take the pitch.

Then Saturday….

Watford is a team languishing in the cellar of the League. They are one of the three teams in danger of being relegated to the lower division next year. They sat on just 24 points this season, compared to 79 for Liverpool. These two dichotomous teams faced off for 90 minutes on Saturday. On an 18 game win streak and standing 22 points (that represents 7 wins and a tie in points!) ahead of the second place team, this game was basically a formality in an inevitable season for the #MugSmashers.

Then Saturday…

3-0 to Watford was the final tally. Like David and Goliath, the giant had fallen to the hands of a hopefully over-matched opponent.

This can happen in our recovery too. We go on long runs of sobriety. We accomplish things that we never imagined possible. We collect chips and coins to represent our amazing journey. Then we get caught in a pickle and stumble. That’s the reason we need to keep perspective.

Liverpool will still win the League Title handily. Watford is still tied with the last team in the relegation zone. It was a game and an occasion, but now, it’s on to the next opponent. When we stumble we need to assess what happened so that we can try to avoid it in the future, but the real work is in the continuing of the journey. As an Arsenal fan, I was rooting for Watford on Saturday so that I can still say that my team alone remains with the legendary Invincible moniker, but next weekend I’ll cheer for Liverpool as they show us all how to face defeat, then…

–Rise Up!!

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