Old Faces in New Places

As I write this, we are sitting on the trading deadline for the NHL. It’s the last day of the season that teams are allowed to make player trades. If a team is fighting for the top spots, it can be an exciting time. In the past decade my beloved Kings have made trades that have given them that extra push into the playoffs, and twice we have been able to accomplish the ultimate goal of a championship. We’ve been “buyers” at the deadline. This year, however, we are “sellers”. This is due mostly to the fact that we are also in the proverbial “cellar” of the league standings. Last place teams usually provide those players that  the top teams want. It is not nearly as much fun. Last week my favorite player got traded away to one of the buying teams. It is a difficult fact of sport. I don’t have a lot of hockey sweaters and shirts, but I actually have two with this guy’s name on them! His name and number were integrated into my wifi password at home. It hurts to watch my guy wear some other guy’s shirt now.

Recovery is a lot like the trade deadline. Often times we need to  make difficult choices in  order to get better. We need to take a look at our life and see what players no longer fit into our future plans and cut them free. It might be a friend. It might be a place we like to go. It might be music we listen to or TV that we watch. It might all of that and more. The reality of life is that when you need to rebuild, one or two small tweaks to the program are usually not enough. A rebuild is hard, long work. My team sold older, better, more experienced players in order to get young, unproven players who will become better with time and hard work. Take a look at your life and decide what roster moves you need to make. Then watch your life…

–Rise Up!!

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