Stepping in It

Sometimes the walk is lovely; birds sing, sun shines, the breeze blows. Sometimes though, I step in doo-doo! This past week I stepped in doo-doo.

In the course of me doing what I thought was righteous and good, I wound up making an error in judgement that created a lot of extra work for a lot of people. It also drew unwanted negative attention to my ministry. None of this is good. To top it off, the initial good deed that I was trying to do became impossible to deliver, so it was a series of missteps…in doo-doo.

Missteps not only cause issues for the people around them, but they also tend to have a draining effect on the person who is walking. I try to keep my eyes focused on the future and the promises of God, but sometimes it can be easy to sink into the mire of the loss. These are the times when it can be most difficult to…

–Rise Up!!

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