IMG_7643This is a tough time for your MoM. My youngest grandson is moving to Hawaii with his parents. He was born in Hawaii almost three years ago, but then moved to our town before his first birthday. We’ve gotten used to his presence in our lives. So much of my life has been focused on removing the negative aspects. It’s not that hard to look at a bad habit or a hangup and see that things need to be different. Saying goodbye to family is an entirely different exercise. I see the benefits for them, but it is still hard to accept the pain that comes with parting.

This is where I need to lean in to my Forever Family and my support system. Now, more than ever, it is critical that I stay on track. When I am down I am more vulnerable to falling, so I need to talk to my accountability partners. I need to be honest with the people in my life and let them know that I am not “fine”. I need to stay out of denial. I need to focus on the positives. Honestly, if this didn’t hurt so much it would just mean that we didn’t love each other as much as we do, right? My loss will be Hawaii’s gain. So for now I will grieve a little, I will cry a little (or a lot!), I will remember the good times, and I will…

–Rise Up!!

One thought on “Aloha

  1. Some times, I am given a gift for me to build with, and as I see how wonderful that gift is in my life, I realize that; that gift wasn’t for me to keep, but to share with others. Yes! They do hurt, and yes I will be in funks, but what I do is give thanks to the Lord for the special moments that I had and will continue to have because those will always be moments that will never fade but always be an instrumental part of my recovery.


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