I was at a memorial service today for the drummer in the first worship team I ever served on, Cameron was a special soul. When I look back at all of the drummers that I’ve played with, he was not the best. He was not the most technically proficient. What he was was the most joyful. Things in practice could be going sideways; he might loose the beat several times in one song; the other musicians might be having hissy fits, but Cameron ALWAYS had a smile pasted on his face. And it wasn’t fake. The man was the perfect mashup of rhythm and worship. On Saturday, as his struggle with cancer was being remembered it was said of him that he had “faith even when God doesn’t move the mountain.” Wow!

I’ve been at the foot of the mountain many times. I’ve wanted to move that mountain more times than I can remember. The mountain can be scary. It can be exhausting. It can be daunting. It’s kind of in the nature of a mountain to sit there and be huge and intimidating, so I need follow Cameron’s lead and lean into my God and let Him help me deal with that mountain. Sometimes He will move it. Sometimes He will move me. Sometimes we will stay where we are and enjoy the mountain. Whatever happens, I will be experiencing it with my lord and savior, my higher power, Jesus Christ. Even if I camp in the foothills I will…

–Rise Up!!

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