So the Minister of Mocha took himself a day off! Yup, I completely didn’t even show up for anything yesterday. Instead, I went with my family to San Diego for the weekend. It was a nice escape from the heat of Ridgecrest. We visited a good friend’s church and saw some inspiring things. We went to the beach TWO DAYS IN A ROW. We (I) got sunburned. but the whole point of the weekend is the reason I was absent from your screens bright and early this Monday morning: we went to Legoland. I’ve been wanting to see Legoland since I first saw the Denmark location when I was in third grade. Let me spare you the higher math and tell you that’s 38 years! My grandsons took me yesterday.

So what do you do with 38 years of expectation knocking at the door? How do you make everything live up to the hype that’s been accumulating for decades? Come on folks, by know you should know me and realize that we are sneaking into recovery by paragraph two or three! (If you don’t, then take a few moments to go back and read the archives) Legoland is just like life and recovery is life – you do the math. Stick with me here…

In my life – I wanted to go to Legoland for since my childhood. In recovery I’ve carried dreams for years, even decades.

In life I had to make some sacrifices to get to Legoland – I had to pay more money than I thought; I missed some work; I had to way a long time to finally get there. In recovery I’ve paid unforeseen costs; I’ve missed a lot more than work; I’ve spent years trying to get to exactly where I am right now… Yes, Legoland, Life, and Recovery seem to echo one another. But wait, there’s more!

I’m sure we’ve all played with Lego. I’m more of an “Old Skool” kind of guy. I don’t really care about all the pre-molded special parts and kits that are today’s Lego. I relish the idea of dumping a big box of blocks on the floor and creating something that wasn’t there before. And there it is – life and recovery. We get all these blocks poured out in front of us and we get to build. Sometimes life has chewed up some of those blocks. Some of them may have been put on a hot light bulb “just to see what would happen” so now they don’t quite click together the way they used to. Sometimes all of the good pieces are used up so now we have to improvise. The colors may not be what we had in mind. But is all comes together in the end. That moment of “Wow” that my little Luc kept having yesterday happens in our recovery too. So go grab some blocks. Don’t worry about what you want to build, that may not happen. Just build what you can with what you have. Lego is cranking out about 36,000 Lego elements every minute. That makes over 19 BILLION per year. We will eventually get all of the Lego we need. Your life will eventually be more beautiful than even imagination can contain. For now, just build, and…

-Rise Up!!!

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