Counting Eggs

Have you every been sure of something only to have it go completely sideways on you? Sure you have. That was me last night at the Greek Theater in LA. Those of you who know me know that I am pretty good at trivia and that 80’s music is one of my strong suits. As we sat in our seats for a concert last night 80’s DJ icon Richard Blade was wander through the audience asking trivia questions. He walked past and I noticed we were both wearing black and white checkered Vans. I pointed it out and he stopped to ask me a question. I got it correct so I was invited onstage for the Trivia Finals to be held between sets by Howard Jones and OMD.

So there I was, ditty-bopping onstage and waiting for my turn. The first question asked required the respondent to know that Bono was the singer for U2. Wow, tough (NOT!) The next contestant got a similarly easy one. Then comes Paul…I have to identify the lead singer for English Beat. Blank…. I have the album cover in my head (front and back); I’ve got the song title (not what they wanted); I could describe the looks of the members; I just didn’t know the lead singer. So out I go in the first round. I proceeded to stand in the background and have the answers to every question in the final rounds BEFORE the eventual winner.

That’s how life, and recovery, go sometimes though. Sometimes I feel like I know what is headed my way only to be sucker-punched.  But just like last night, I have a backup plan in place before I begin. Last night I knew that I would not be able to use the tickets I was completing for. I knew I had already won a shirt. I knew I came to the concert for the music, not the prizes. I knew I was standing ON the stage rather than looking at it. And as Howard Jones had just sung “Things Can Only Get Better”. I just had to be ready for it.

Then Whammo! As I was walking out of the backstage area I ran smack dab into Howard Jones. I have been trying since 1986 to see him perform. Each tour something happened that prevented it, so it’s been a long journey. Now, on top of finally seeing him, I am actually standing there face to face with him.

Don’t ever settle for the negatives that are presented. Always dig deeper for the gold. If it was easy to find, it wouldn’t be so valuable.


-Rise Up!!!

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