So tomorrow night I am taking my lovely wife to a concert…we are going to see Barry Manilow. Now before you judge, let me say this: the man can write catchy songs and I’ve been told that he puts on an amazing show, so we are going to see his farewell tour. So I’m listening to a little Barry to get “prepared” for the show and I heard “Ships”. Now this is a pretty song, complete with all of the schmaltz we’ve come to love and expect from Barry, but it really occurred to me that it fits into a recovery lesson on denial.

How often do we tell ourselves that everything is ok even though the world is passing us by and we aren’t able to connect to the ones that we love? I have come to detest the phrase “It’s all good!” Don’t get me wrong, I am a pretty big optimist, but it isn’t all good. If it was we’d call it heaven not earth! I need to make sure that I am taking a realistic look at the world around me and process it in the words of the serenity prayer “as it is, not as I would have it.”

By processing the pain and struggles that come into my life each day I am able to keep the piles at a manageable height instead of getting buried under the endless hurt that gets produced by some 7 billion people on this planet.

So tomorrow night I’m sure that Mr. Manilow will play this hit for us, (ed. note: he did, here’s part of it in a Greatest Hits medley but as he sings about a father and son who drift through life I’ll keep remembering that we can change course at anytime, work that 4th step and that 8th step (and that 9th step too!) and find healing through our Higher Power Jesus Christ!

Rise Up!

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