Yesterday was my first full day in Hawaii. I spent it working on flooring for my daughter’s office. It’s a job that’s been dragging on over several trips to the island. This time I was determined to help my son in law get it done.

Did I want to spend a day on my knees on my “vacation”? No, not really. But did it make me happy to do it? Absolutely

There’s great joy to be found in helping others. It’s the entire basis of Step 12. Sometimes giving back doesn’t mean doing what I want to do. Sometimes it means getting something done so that another person can move forward in their own life.

Dave has been on this flooring project for over a year. Now it’s done. I’d say that is a wonderful way to spend a day!

And now, even though my knees are cracking and my back is sore, I get to…

—Rise Up!!

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