Phone Calls

I got a text from a friend the other day. I used to be pretty tight with this particular person, but in the past several months they have slowly faded into the background. No response on texts or social media posts, no phone call, that sort of thing. I know that it happens, but it wasn’t my favorite thing when it happened.

As an avenue of personal growth in my recovery for codependency, I just let it go. I was actually kind of proud of myself, so much so that I mentioned it at my new step study on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday afternoon I get the text. It was a person reaching out because they knew that I would understand their struggle. It was as if the relationship had never grown cool. I just love how Forever Family is just that: forever.

It’s a good thing I keep that phone close. It makes sure that I can help a friend to…

–Rise Up!!

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