Birthdays and Anniversaries

If you know me, you know I love my birthday. It is quite a big day in my life and my year. In doing a b it of research for something totally different than writing this blog it has come to my attention that I am sitting on the 8 year mark for Minister of Mocha. Wow, that’s quite a while. I recall a comment made by one person in my sphere of influence as I began this little project. They asked if I would be able to keep writing week after week. They weren’t sure that I had the dedication or capacity. It would seem that we are doing ok so far!

None of it would be worth it without you, my Dear Reader. If I didn’t see you visiting the site each week, if I didn’t read the comments you make and send, if I didn’t see the re-posts, this would all just be a very strange, unlocked diary. Thanks for being here with me. Some of you have been here from the start, some may have just stumbled in more recently. Whoever you are, thank you from your MoM. It means so much that you read my weekly ramblings. Have a blessed day, and here’s to the years to come!

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