I was watching TV this weekend. Being the natural born tightwad that I am, the heater in the house was off and I had some blankets over me to keep me warm. The blankets worked, but I’m sure they looked funny to anyone who might catch a glimpse of me. There’s the math right there: I felt fine, but the rest of the world thought I was a bit odd.

From a recovery perspective those blankets are the same as the masks I wear or the substances and behaviors I use to bring me comfort. I hear a speaker say this weekend that we can never find a substance that will give us the peace that can only come from God. The enemy will convince us that the substances are good, better even, but they simply don’t measure up.

Yesterday afternoon I had my oldest friend (in terms of how long we’ve been friends, I know people who are older!) come over to watch some NFL playoff games. He was coming over after church, so on my way out the door I did the unthinkable and turned on the heater as I left. When I got home the house was a toasty 68 degrees. Compared to the usual 58, this was a veritable sauna. My firend and I sat on the sofa and drank cold soda. He even asked for ice!

When things get bad, when you are wearing all the masks, invite your oldest friend over and turn on the heater. Just like the temperature, you too can…

–Rise Up!!

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