My wife and I like to watch TV. It’s a typical evening for us to both be curled up and watching a show or a movie together. Topics will vary, but we both enjoy spies movies and shows. Watching the hero or heroes go through all of the things they do in order to solve the problem is fun for us. This morning in my reading I found myself in John 9. The Pharisees were grilling a man who had been blind about the miracle that Jesus performed in giving him sight. They kept asking the same sort of questions and trying to find the crack in the story. The crack in the story was the miracle: dude was blind, then dude could see. Their mistake was trying to explain a miracle with logic. Miracles cannot be defined by logic. Christ makes no sense! Still, people continue to investigate to see why Christians are wrong about this Jesus. We I need to spend less time as a denier and more time as a proclaimer! Looking for the Truth is a fantastic way to…

–Rise Up!!

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