New Year’s Day was a Sunday this year so I had a big weekend filled with lots of stuff. Our annual Sober New Year’s Eve Bash at CR was great, but took a ton of time to pull off. Another thing I gave time to was sports. (Hard to imagine, right?!?)

This weekend my teams had games that were played after some other important ones. That meant we had opportunities to do things, based on our own results. By the end of Sunday night I think I had a new ulcer and TMJ from clenching my jaw!

Seeing opportunities ahead is hard to avoid. I’m always playing out possibilities to see which direction a thing might go. Perhaps it’s like defensive driving, where you look for possible problems and try to be prepared in advance? Biblically we are taught not to worry, yet the thrill of sport derives in part from the worry. It’s wonderful to trounce an opponent, but I tend to remember the close ones longer.

This morning my ulcer is gone and my jaw is fine (well mostly fine, the Steelers waited a long time into the game to beat the hated Ravens). It’s a new day, and as I sit at a local restaurant waiting for a friend to join me for breakfast I see the annual Rose Parade on the TV.

What’s my point? Well, I suppose it’s that even the things I chase don’t last forever. There’s always a new “something” on the horizon. I need to manage my expectations and my emotions. Keeping an even keel might be the best way to…

—Rise Up!!

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