But Do You Really?

It’s Boxing Day! The wrapping paper is all in the trash cans. The food has been put in the fridge. The Premiere League starts again. It’s a great day. I love all of the stuff that surrounds the “Holiday Season”, but like everything, it all eventually comes to an end. We look forward to one thing, then as soon as it gets here it’s gone and we shift our focus to the next prize on the calendar. I got my Christmas Eve Eve service taken care of at Celebrate Recovery, now we have our New Year’s Eve Bash coming up.It can be hectic.

The anticipation is part of what drives us. Knowing that something fun is just ahead is a bit thrilling. We think about the excitement and pomp of a big event. Then it happens and poof, it’s gone. Nothing but memories.

Today I will be officiating a wedding. The happy couple has had the same rush of emotions with the holidays that the rest of us have had, but they get an extra boost on this Boxing Day. So what happens after the I Do’s? When the tree is down and the decorations are in boxes will you feel the same? We hear a lot of talk about the meaning or spirit of Christmas, but once we are on the other side do we try to maintain that spirit? The day after the wedding do we still feel the I do? What about three years down the line?

Wherever we are in our walk, I think it’s important to try to keep the joy of the next event alive. It’s good to know what is coming and to have a sense of excitement for it. But don’t forget the past. Looking back with fondness can help us move forward and…

–Rise Up!!

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