Late vs Never

Your MoM woke up early today to record a podcast. Not bad, getting things done in advance, right? I felt pretty good about the recording and even scheduled my next recording session for the Christmas Day Special. After that I went to breakfast with a friend. I de-boned and cut up 17.5 lbs of pork shoulder to make more sausage. I made a Christmas photo mug for someone. All in all I was pretty pleased with my level of output.

Then my wife reminded me that it was already one and I hadn’t posted my blog yet. Yikes!

Sometimes, no matter how much we plan, things fall through the cracks. We all make mistakes. I think it’s best to just put my hand up and say “My bad” then move on with life. They say better late than never. I suppose it might be true (except for maybe something like CPR). Anyhow, I’ll let you decide. Check the clock and then…

–Rise Up!

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