This morning finds your MoM on the road. We are headed to a Prison Fellowship Hope Event where I will be speaking. It was cold when we left home and it’s even colder now that we are up in the mountains where the prison is located. Snow is on the ground, frost in the air, and we are tentatively scheduled to be outdoors!

I think about the journey that I’ve taken to get here today. There have been so many ups and downs in my walk. I’ve certainly seen struggles and valleys. While beautiful, life does provide a fair amount of difficulty.

Now I am almost 5 years into prison ministry and I am able to appreciate the hard things. I always knew that God promised to use the bad times for His glory; now I can see the delivery of those promises. In a few hours I’ll be telling a yard full of inmates how I stood in their place so many years ago. I can deliver the message of Hope that strangers brought to me all those years ago.

Watching the sun rise encourages me to do the same thing. I’m driving up the mountain so that I can help others to…

—Rise Up!!

Rise up, indeed!

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