The New New

I never write these things until I write them. What I mean by that is that I try not to think about the blog until I’m writing it. I don’t have a file of “good blog topics” on my computer. I want it to be whatever occurs to me at the moment. Thursday I had some things pop up in life that seemed like possible candidates. Then Friday I had some that were even better. As I sat in my local Starbucks this morning I thought I had a good idea to write on, then I got a text from my daughter who lives in Hawaii that Mauna Loa was erupting. Talk about “the floor is lava”!

Lava and volcanoes really don’t have a lot to do with recovery. I could talk about lava being fresh rock and how we always get a fresh start with Jesus. I could talk about lava spewing into the sky and have a really good on ramp to my “Rise Up” ending. I could talk about the destruction of an eruption eventually being the creation of something beautiful. Without giving away too many of my “trade secrets” for writing, there are lots of avenues to explore with the volcano.

The thing that stands out though is that life is constantly evolving. Stasis is fickle at best. Even when you think you’ve got a plan, things can change. As Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” So enjoy your day, avoid the lava, recognize that you might be witnessing the creation of something beautiful, and…

–Rise Up!!

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